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January 26, 2006


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While I don't fault Alison for her taste (Kitchen-Aid being superb), is it possible for you to put it back in it's box to take it back and get the Professional Series?

That particular bowl (Artisan, right?) will end up driving you crazy. The Professional model has a much better bowl design that you will be able to raise and lower.

The color is great, BTW!


Oh I love it, I really want one of those!


Man, I wanted to see the CAR! Great piece of kitchen equipment though... love the color


Those things? Awesome. We've had one for a few years and haven't even begun to explore its potential.


What fantastic culinary creation will you christen it with?


Sweet ride.. I swear my wife has the exact same mixer, except it's yellow. Nice buy!


I love it love it love it! I'm pining away for a blue one...


I'm thinking you should just box it up and send it over to me!! :D


*look of envy* though I can't complain much- we just purchased a Kitchen Aid food processor with all the bells and whistles- I'll have to post a picture of the new purchase on my site! Wanna race???


Dude, you are sooooOOOOOOoooOOOOooooo whipped!


Wow now THAT'S a lady in red. I've asked for one of those for my birthday. Well, I ask every year *sigh*

I can't wait to see what you are inspired to cook. Nothing like new gear to make you want to dive in and create masterpieces.


fooled me. And no wonder Alison was all for it.



Oooooh, I loves me some horsepower in kitchen appliances! I wouldn't part with my KSM5 for love or money. Well, maybe for love.


Jo Ann

It was for your birthday, old man. But I do hope you enjoyed making pizza tonight.


I thought you meant the CAR, and couldn't figure out where it was. I am always thinking I am at fault for not seeing a link.


That's a beauty :) Great mixer too.


I have a kitchen aid like that and can't imagine life with out it. *LOL* Sad but true! I love it!

ally bean

ohhh! pretty.

ally bean

ohhh! pretty.

Princess Wild Cow

You are such a tease...and yes, that should make all the girls lust for you!


You will love this like your own flesh and blood.
I rarely go a week without using mine; I cannot imagine living without it.

Time to bake!


Ohh--- you are going to love it. I can make two batches of Snickerdoodles at one time in mine - and I have an older smaller model.

Have fun!!!!


We just sent one of those to Lily34 as a shower gift. Different color.

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