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October 22, 2004


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Hey, Allan, you were early! I mean, nobody said "before midnight Allan's time zone"!!!



oh mistress of song, you should know a couple things about allan. first, he's punctual to a fault, and two, the man never ever sleeps. he probably had this ready to post in word three days ago.
and allan, thanks for hosting this week. some gooduns eh? tandoori chicken and stilton soup. man. and acorn pie/quiche for the weekend. i'm set.

B, Durbin

D'oh! I forgot!

Dave Schuler

I would hope that anyone who tries any of these recipes would report back here and tell us how things turned out.


Thank you for that reminder, Dave.

There are several I would like to try, if I can ever find the time.


The Frozen Waldorf Salad sounds great. Traditional Waldorf Salad is one of my wife's favorites. I'll give this a try I'm sure she will love it.


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