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November 20, 2004


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First of all... what a SWEET face on Fritz!

Second... when I was living in Savannah, I think I ate at the Mellow Mushroom at least twice a week (when I wasn't in total poor student mode). The pizza is pretty good (I'm tough on pizza, just one of the holdovers from growing up in NY), but I really like their sandwiches and salads. My best friend, who is a vegetarian, would come up to visit me and always order the Tempeh sub. She even once ordered one to go and took it back home with her.

Now we're lucky enough to have one that just opened down here, and I'm sure we'll be making a pilgrimage there every couple of weeks or so.


Aaaaw... Miniture Schnauzer?


Yes. A Miniature Schnauzer.

A big dog in a little body.

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