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December 27, 2004


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I know they are 'pests' but I love them!


Yes, I do too. I let them eat anything they can find on the ground under the feeders, but manage to deter them from getting on the feeders.


Hey! I have one of those too! Mine will at least let the woodpeckers join him while he eats the birdseed!


I remember hand feeding them as a kid, Mom used to buy peanuts for us to give them...never once was bitten but some kid somewhere in the world did...and then we were not allowed to hand feed them anymore...just something I miss about my childhood.


I used to hand feed them panuts in the shel when I was in college. The school I went to had lots of trees on campus, with lots of squirrels.

The ones in my backyard are gettig more comfortable knowing humans are around, but they are still a bit skittish.

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