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January 25, 2005


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Princess Wild Cow

Thanks for playing. It's a nice way to see just a little bit more of someone's mind and heart.


As my tagline says, "Beware for there be dragons there."



Thunderclap Newman is a nice touch.

I had the hots for this one young woman well over three centuries ago. She wandered in and wanted me to play Thunderclap in the middle of my college radio show. Not that it worked with all that art school dropout stuff I was playing. But I was young, stupid and excesively h/orn-ee.

Didn't do me a damn bit of good.

But I still like the song.


Mmmm, I heartily approve of America/Simon & Garfunkel and You Do Something To Me/Paul Weller. I feel like I should go edit mine to include a S&G track.

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