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April 08, 2005


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awww... And a very good example of why cats should not parked cars.


*rolls eyes* - Okay, it was a bad joke in the first place and then I type it wrong.... Chase! Chase parked cars... I am going back to bed!


hahaha. that cat looks like the feline version of dana carvey's angry old man from SNL. "yup, when i was a kit, we dug through the asphalt to do our business. none of this "pussy litter" stuff for us. no way. and that asphalt was always either freezing cold, or burning hot, sometimes both, and we sat on it. and we liked it!"


Your photo of the cat looks much more frightening than Mike's. I would protect my face if I saw a cat looking at me like this!


What a fabulous expression!

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