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June 16, 2005


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would you please come over and cook for me? I used to love to cook but now with just Glenn and I and me having diabetes it's just too much work. :( I still collect recipes though and I will send this one to all of my friends.

Hugs, Zissy


Well, I was thinking it was looking pretty good until I got down to the part where it is also actually kinda healthy and that just ruined it for me :)

la voisine

I often cook this dish too, but with a whole chicken cut into pieces, plus I add a small glass of white wine, some chili, thyme, rosmarino and chicken stock. And I leave it to simmer at low heat for 45 minutes. Less healthy probably, but so good.

madame l.

nooooooo! (so hungry)


i cooked chicken breasts this morning. too bad i didn't come across this before hand. but cooked them whole. going to slice them and add the ingredients listed. YUM.

Do you have a lot of WW recipes? i have a few cookbooks, and would be glad to share them.

thanks for this one.



Click on the link to my Food & Drink Category to see other WW recipes I have posted.

I used to have a number of WW cookbooks, but no longer have them. I need to replenish my shelves.


What a yummy recipe! Thanks for sharing it and an extra thanks for including the WW points. I just recently rejoined (they say the third time's the charm) and am looking for new recipes. I checked out the Food & Drink category and snagged a few more. You rock!

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