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July 07, 2005


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celia blue

I love your idea. So efficient-- cuts down on that time consuming typing thing.


Me, too!


Heh. Yep.


a usb port? i'm afraid that wouln't be too good of an idea. think of all the blog entries you would end up reading that don't get typed because it's too much work. hell, i can barely keep up now! and another thing. if you had a direct imput, there wouldn't be the eye, hand "oops i shouldn't say that" filter in place.


So: first gmail. And now you want to volunteer for total assimilation? Geek.

Princess Wild Cow

Every thing I see I put into a blog perspective, my friends now ask...Is this going into your blog? If you get accepted into the implant study, recommend me...


I totally do that. I also think about all the cartoons I want to draw, and never do...


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