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January 12, 2006


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Do you think, at some point, he will just forget to go home? I hope so.


I just want to put that rich, chocolatey head in my mouth.


Beauty pic. He looks sooooo contented. Little Mike is right, he needs to stay with you.

Alison...what is UP with wanting to eat all the cute furry critters??? LOL They're not as good as M&Ms you know ;)


They are so cute I just want to eat them.


Alison, that is hilarious. I saw the photo and immediately thought of how graceful and dignified he looks. Then- I read your comment. I am so laughing out loud now...


you know that forgetfulness is a sign of old age, birthday boy.

hope it was a happy one.

love the cat whiskers, btw. really makes me think that I need a new camera-- and maybe a new cat.


Happy Birthday Aalln...and Tonks looks all wet and stinky breath but cute enough to just squeeze REAL hard!
Again "Happy Birthday".


I thought that Friday would never get here. And then when it did it turned out to be a weird day.

I'm just glad that it is the weekend now!


Thesaurus Rex

When my younger Siamese was a kitten, I had to work really hard not to want to stuff him into my mouth. He was so terribly tiny and cute. I told him that on a regular basis, too, "Oh, Juan Carlos, you are so cute. I could just sop you up with a biscuit. Eat you with a spoon. Slurp you up like a soba noodle."

Now he weighs 14 pounds.

Here's the little monster now:

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