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October 06, 2006


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Well, he does look comfortable...


more like, did you see it move? i think it moved. I am not going to move until it moves. Did you see it? i think it moved. i am not... wait... did it move? i better not take my eyes off it because once it moves... wait... its moving isnt it? that thing isnt going to... wait... its moving isnt it? i better keep an eye on it...


Making fun of one of the Earth's great predators. He's about to bare his fangs and rip that mouse to bits, after giving it his famed neckbite. He is humane after all. But first, conservation of energy is of primary concern to the ultimate Xtreme Hunter! Please, a little respect.


I've really enjoyed seeing Mr. Jones and think he is just gorgeous!


Domestic cats have a lot of the miniature tiger in them, don't they?

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